The smart, simple choice.

logoFastrial is a powerful, cloud-based designer tool for creating electronic case report forms(CRF). It can be adapted to any budget, thanks to “pay for what you need” features. Learn more below, and get in touch today for a free demo.


  • Drag-and-drop simplicity.
    With the Fastrial composer, you’ll create, deploy, and manage studies on your own. No need to plan modifications weeks in advance. No more waiting until the developers are available.
    The drag-and-drop interface lets you build complex forms with integrated edit checks and logic. Use the provided library of preconfigured field types and forms as-is, or modify them for the specific needs of your study. No programing experience is required.
  • Intelligent automation.
    Create intelligent data entry forms with built-in logic. Even complex CRFs can be built in a matter of days with the intuitive Fastrial interface. Technical configurations of software, hardware, and server connections are automatically generated and managed by Fastrial, and edit checks and rules can be set and updated without any programming experience.
  • Speed and stability.
    Fastrial is backed by Google Cloud Platform so whether you’re located in Asia, Europe, or the USA, you’ll always benefit from unbeatable connection speed and network performance.
    Our databases are replicated synchronously between geographical zones, guaranteeing top reading performance, avoiding costly and risky disaster recovery procedures, and eliminating downtime and lost data.