An easy decision

Catchtrial is a simple, cloud-based platform for capturing clinical trial data and images. Accessible anytime, anywhere, Catchtrial puts key information at your fingertips, resulting in shorter response times, improved compliance, and reduced costs. Learn more about the benefits of Catchtrial below, and get in touch with us for a free demo today.

Benefits of Catchtrial include:


For doctors and nurses

An intuitive, user-friendly interface for entering patient data

For monitors and data managers

Instant display of missing data, protocol violations, queries, and planned follow up visits

For sponsors

Study results shared in real time; report generation and data export available at any time—at the click of a button


Unprecedented speed for data access and image transfer

High-speed connectivity of Google Cloud Platform with data centers in major markets around the world

Real-time results

Complete, real-time view of study progress, with automated analyses to ensure study quality and usability of results

Instant validation of data

Inconsistent data is immediately flagged so it can be resolved before leaving the physician’s office


File encryption

All files encrypted and transmitted using SSL, a standard practice for online transactions among merchants and financial institutions

State-of-the-art infrastructure

Google Cloud Platform with protection against service interruption or backup failure

Automatic data backup

Every update immediately replicated in three datacenters distributed around the world


No monitor visits to sites

to collect paper CRFs

No shipments

of paper CRFs or CDs to the core lab

No remote double data entry

No paper queries

shuffled back and forth