Large studies require solutions that go above and beyond.

Designed for larger studies, Extended Suite includes everything in the Full Suite plus fully integrated medical image capture and additional safety protocols.

A complete solution

Extended Suite comes with every major Catchtrial module: Light CRF, Data Validator, Report Builder, Core Lab Images and Safety Adjudicator.

Fully integrated image capture

Core Lab Images is a fully integrated medical image capture solution that allows rapid, secure transfer from clinical site to core lab.

Online adjudication

Safety Adjudicator puts all the necessary information for online adjudication at your fingertips, so you can accelerate the delivery of primary or secondary endpoints.

Highlighted features

  • Conversion from paper CRF to Catchtrial
  • Unlimited number of sites and patients
  • Instantly generates a list of missing data and protocol violations
  • Secure server storage and backup protection
  • No installation required
  • Unlimited user logins with unique security levels
  • Interactive plots for enrollment progress, effects of the new therapy, group comparisons, and adverse events
  • Online Catchtrial Preview System for user training
  • Special privileges for investigators, monitors and sponsors
  • Real-time analyses on study database
  • Simple, drag-and-drop tools for custom charts
  • More options activated on demand

Rev. n. 3 – 12 June 2023