Everything you need to validate your study.

Upgrade to Full Suite for a comprehensive CRF management system, including smart tools for automated data validation and real-time analytics.

Light CRF

Cloud-enabled and designed for easy data entry, the Light version of our CRF reduces errors, delays, and costs.

Enhanced quality controls

Full Suite includes Data Validator, with smart alerts, instant compliance checks, and quick data cleanup for monitors and data managers.

Online adjudication

Report Builder comes standard with Full Suite, making data instantly available and easy to visualize, with interactive plots and drag-and-drop chart tools.

Highlighted features

  • Conversion from paper CRF to Catchtrial
  • Unlimited number of sites and patients
  • Instantly generates a list of missing data and protocol violations
  • Secure server storage and backup protection
  • No installation required
  • Unlimited user logins with unique security levels
  • Interactive plots for enrollment progress, effects of the new therapy, group comparisons, and adverse events
  • Online Catchtrial Preview System for user training
  • Special privileges for investigators, monitors and sponsors
  • Real-time analyses on study database
  • Simple, drag-and-drop tools for custom charts
  • More options activated on demand

Rev. n. 3 – 12 June 2023